Tears for Tangy — a Poem

Chipper_crpdI saw this poem on a website that I do some graphics work on. I’m not a big fan of poetry but this one by Joan Winifred about a feral cat that adopted her touched me. Most of us have felt her pain.

Tears for Tangy
How many have i shed?
surging rivers fed
why?…he’s dead:( :( :(
Tears for Tangy
The Amazing Feral Hero of the Neighborhood!
A Hunter, a Provider, a Giver of Gifts at our Doorstep stood
TALL like a King!..a Lion with a ringed-tail in a cat’s body.
Fierce, noble ruler of the rats, lizards, squirrels and snakes
no match for your fangs
your strength, your stance and independence
made us safe!
on fair haven
You adopted us
we respected You:)
and your fearlessness!!
Who will save us from the rattlers now?
Your noble throne: top of white cars
and green grass
no other cat as Special
(Tears for Tangy)
sits or reigns true
no other cat like YOU
You chose
our family
(we were happy)

This poem is dedicated to All Pets and to All who have lost a Beloved Furry or Feathered Family Member.

- Jamie

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