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It’s Spring! Kittens Can’t Be Far Behind

sprng_crpdSpring arrived today — at 9:57 am PDT to be exact.

Unlike the previous couple of years, we haven’t seen a flood of kittens yet. I’m sure they are on the way. Quite a few of the females that we have spayed in the past several weeks have been pregnant.

But maybe, just maybe, we may be making a difference. Let’s hope so.

– Jamie.

Paws Cause in the News

newksbylogo2Yesterday, KSBY broadcast a news story on the Paws Cause Atascadero Creek Cats project.

Not only does Cathy describe the project and what we are doing with the cats there, she also makes a great pitch for why TNR.

What’s more, we got a pitch for Spay Day coming up this Sunday.

Check it out here.

Danny’s New Home

Danny_3_rszdCathy saw Danny for the first time when she went to the Animal Services shelter in SLO to rescue several cats that had been sent there by someone’s vindictive ex-girlfriend. Don’t ask.

As she walked past the rows of cats in their cages, Danny came right up to the front of his cage, rubbed up to the bars and almost pleaded with her to scratch him on the head.

The shelter staff said he’s a fourteen year old brought in by his “owner” who didn’t want him anymore. No reason. I guess he had just become inconvenient. Since Danny was so old, he was practically unadoptable and was due to be put down in a couple of days.

Unable to bear the thought of killing this wonderful old guy, Cathy started the process to rescue him out of the shelter. Over the next few days, they discovered a malignant tumor on his abdomen which was removed and we brought him to his new home.

Danny appears to be healthy. He loves his wet food which is good because he’s pretty much skin and bones and he purrs whenever we pet him. He is settling in well with his three roommates Sherman, T2, and Weezer.

– Jamie

It’s Raining!

Rain at the Ranch[Update] It’s mid-afternoon now and it stopped raining hours ago. Sigh.

We are having a real rainfall here at our ranch on the westside. What a wonderful sight. Now, if it would just continue for — oh I don’t know — how about 40 days and 40 nights.

– Jamie.

Tears for Tangy — a Poem

Chipper_crpdI saw this poem on a website that I do some graphics work on. I’m not a big fan of poetry but this one by Joan Winifred about a feral cat that adopted her touched me. Most of us have felt her pain.

Tears for Tangy
How many have i shed?
surging rivers fed
why?…he’s dead:( :( :(
Tears for Tangy
The Amazing Feral Hero of the Neighborhood!
A Hunter, a Provider, a Giver of Gifts at our Doorstep stood
TALL like a King!..a Lion with a ringed-tail in a cat’s body.
Fierce, noble ruler of the rats, lizards, squirrels and snakes
no match for your fangs
your strength, your stance and independence
made us safe!
on fair haven
You adopted us
we respected You:)
and your fearlessness!!
Who will save us from the rattlers now?
Your noble throne: top of white cars
and green grass
no other cat as Special
(Tears for Tangy)
sits or reigns true
no other cat like YOU
You chose
our family
(we were happy)

This poem is dedicated to All Pets and to All who have lost a Beloved Furry or Feathered Family Member.

- Jamie