Family Tales

Cookie's Perfect Life

CookieThere are lots of stray cats in Shandon, and last year one beautiful tortie/calico gave birth to four kittens under a woman's deck. Somehow the cat brought her babies up without help from anyone. Feeling bad for this brave kitty, Paws Cause agreed to take her and her kittens and see what we could do for them. The kittens were very hissy and a little older than usual for easy taming. The momma, who we named Cookie, was tame and very affectionate, but she didn't seem to like other cats much. A challenge all the way around!

In time, Cookie's kittens settled down and Tinker, Tailor, Baker and Cooper all got adopted. Then Cookie's turn came. She was fortunate to be chosen to live on a farm in San Luis Obispo with four young adults and lots of other animals. She gets to be an indoor/outdoor kitty and hunt and play, and though there's a lot happening at the farm she is the only cat. So she gets to be the boss, too!

Siblings Donny and Marie

Donnie and MarieThere's one female cat, Boots, we have not been able to catch in north Paso. We have been trying for over a year but she is just too smart for us. Last year, one of her litters consisted of two kittens, Donny and Marie, and while we could not trap Boots we did manage to trap both little ones. They were so frightened! We had to work very hard to tame them. Donny responded to our efforts, but sister Marie just did not learn to trust us much. We could grab her and hold her, but she never really relaxed, let alone purred. Donny was quite the opposite, becoming a very friendly little guy.

What to do? We felt we owed Donny the best home possible, where he could be part of a loving family. But we knew shy Marie would be lost without her brother. If we adopted them to a barn, which might be a better situation for Marie, would that be fair to Donny? Our worries were solved when a nice woman named Sue agreed to take them both. She said she wanted a friendly kitty, but she had had cats like Marie before, and her shyness was ok with Sue. Sue was looking for both companions and mousers, so Donny and Marie fit the bill together. It's great when the perfect fit comes along!