Become a Foster

Fostering a cat or kittens is a great way to help! It's rewarding to offer safety and socialization to felines who need you, and there's nothing like the great feeling you get when an abandoned cat finds a loving home because you helped.

Yes, it can be hard to give your foster cats up when you develop bonds with them. We understand! It happens to us too. We find it gets a little easier over time for most people.

Fostering is flexible too. You can do it once a year, or all year round. There are so many North County cats in need, you can foster:

Litter of Six Identical Ranch Kittens

All you need to do is have a separate place where your foster cat or cats can hang out in comfort. You'll need a little time to interact with them, feed them and keep their area clean. If you can afford to do so, we appreciate it when foster families can supply cat food and litter. If you need us to, we can reimburse your expenses. We will definitely take care of medical expenses, including spay and neuter. And we will market your foster cats too—you won't be "stuck" with them.

If you haven't fostered before, you can start slowly and see how it works for you. We will help you get started. Contact us and let's talk.