Love At First Hug

Money Can't Buy Love

DapperPaws Cause received a call from a woman who was being forced out of her home in five days due to foreclosure, and she had some cats she could not take with her. To make a long story short, "some cats" turned into more than fifty cats and kittens when the last very pregnant female delivered. None of the cats was altered and many had other medical needs. To say it was our biggest challenge to date seems like an understatement.

Fortunately we had help. From KSBY to Paso Petcare, and from foster families to donors, our team of volunteers had the community behind them. Thanks to the news coverage we received, many people reached out to offer to adopt some of the soon-to-be homeless cats. A nice woman in Oceano offered over and over to take two adults; she really wanted to help. She didn't have much spare money, she said, but lots of love to give. So we waived our usual adoption fee and Sport, a sweet buff boy, and his brother Dapper went to live with her. When we delivered the cats, we could see the match was meant to be.

Sandie Scores

LibbyLibby, a huge soccer fan, is the youngest child in her family. Her siblings had cats of their own, and Libby's parents decided it was time for Libby to have one too. Libby chose Sandie, one of our favorite kittens from 2011, a little sweetheart with fluffy hair and delicate coloring. When they first met at Petco in Paso Robles, and again on the day Sandie was ready to go home with Libby, we couldn't help but be struck by the way the two girls took to each other. When Libby hugged Sandie, the kitten hugged back!

Libby promptly renamed Sandie in honor of her favorite soccer player, Mia Hamm. Sandie/Mia settled right into her new household just like she had always been home with her new family.