Atascadero Creek Cats Project: Improving the Lives of Cats and the Creek Environment

Old bridge

Paws Cause has a major project underway in Atascadero. The goal is to reduce humanely the number of cats in the area of the Atascadero Creek which runs from El Camino to Sycamore Ave.

We plan to spay or neuter, vaccinate, tip the ear, and return over 100 cats. We are creating a team of volunteers who will provide ongoing management of the cat colony by monitoring and reporting status of the cats, and will insure the colony is kept healthy and doesn't continue to grow.

Releasing cat

This program will help to reduce the cat population in the area and, through the use of Paws Cause provided feeding stations, will reduce the trash that has littered the area. We will also be working to inform and educate local groups, businesses, and individuals about the program and how TNR is the best way to manage cat colonies.

Releasing cat

As of the middle of January, 2014 we have:

If you are interested in helping us with this effort, please donate ($40 cares for one cat). We also need cat food, barn homes, citizens to help monitor the colony, towels and blankets. Call 226-8311 or email us.