Small Survivors

A Chip off Vineyard Drive

ChipLittle Chip was much too small to be out on his own, let alone stumbling across busy Vineyard Drive near Templeton High School. Cars were zooming by to get on the freeway! We stopped quickly and scooped Chip off the street and drove him straight to the vet. Aside from being a little cold and having a bloody nose, Chipper seemed to be fine. We all concluded some mean person had thrown him from a car window.

The kitten's spirit proved to be much larger than his tiny body. He ate on his own right away, despite being so small, and eventually even grew into those big ears. He was adopted by a young woman and her mom in Paso Robles and now races back and forth in his backyard with his dog friend.

It's a...It's a...Guinea Pig!

KirbyWhen we were out trapping one cold, January evening, we thought we spotted a black and white kitten in the long grass at an apartment building. On closer inspection, we realized it was a guinea pig! We put up flyers and asked around the apartments where we found him, but no one knew anything about the small critter. Even the apartment manager who requires pets be registered had never heard about a guinea pig among her tenants.

We named the little guy Kirby, bought him a bag of food at the store and took him to Dr. Bell's office on 24th in Paso (our lead vet). The staff agreed to put him on display in the waiting area, and Kirby was adopted in no time. Good thing! As a cat organization we sure don't know much about guinea pigs!