Happy Stories

Everyone involved in animal welfare knows firsthand how many sad moments happen. Fortunately, the happy outomes outnumber the difficult times, and the sweet faces of each animal we help keep us going. Here are some happy stories we'd like to share with you.

We're Not Disposable!

Read about Elvis, the gorgeous Maine Coon we found at a dumpster. Yes, a dumpster! Then there's Buster, a lovable, big lug of a tuxedo who had to fight for his life.

Small Survivors

We found tiny Chip toddling across a busy street at just three weeks old. And although we focus our efforts on North County cats, look who we found huddled in the grass on a cold winter's night.

Family Tales

Cookie is a beautiful, brave tortoiseshell who struggled to raise her babies without help until a nice woman called us. Then there's Donny and Marie, a pair who belong together always, just like their namesakes.

Love at First Hug

Sometimes you just know when you've made the perfect match. Take a look at these two very different cats, and see if you don't agree that they're just where they belong.