We're Not Disposable

Who Leaves a Kitty at a Dumpster?

What kind of person leaves a cat in a brand new carrier at a dumpster? And a gorgeous Maine Coon at that?


The story we heard was that a man who was trying to win someone's heart bought her a cat. Apparently the woman did not want the man or the cat, and big beautiful Elvis ended up at the apartment's dumpster. The manager called us, thankfully, to come and get the kitty. We discovered the sweetest, most loving Maine Coon we have ever seen, with a coat as soft as silk. Elvis had the classic tufted ears and feet and big, bushy tail. His bright green eyes were ringed with black. We found him a home in no time--no surprise there. He went to live in San Luis Obispo with a couple who work at Cal Poly.

It's Tough To Be Stray


It seems that no one wanted Buster. He was abandoned by someone to wander some of the tougher streets in north Paso Robles, and since he was a tame outsider, no feral colony wanted him either. Poor Buster had to fight for food, and even his life. When Paws Cause rescued him he was thin and scabby, with tattered ears to boot.

After a few weeks of good food and rest, Buster began to look better. His tuxedo coat started to shine again, and he began to come out of his shell and respond in a loving way to his foster family. Little by little his new people began to see what a great companion he could be, as Buster learned to trust humans again. His foster people decided to give him a home at their ranch forever, and now Buster is king of the place. He sleeps in the barn/winery at night, and patrols the ranch during the day. That is, when he doesn't turn up on the porch and request to come inside the house for a nap. He also enjoys riding around the property in an SUV and helping with the gardening.